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Partygoth DJ NYC

I am a part time DJ based in New York City. I have four years of radio and three years of nightclub experience.

DJ Facts

My club residency was three years at Ceremony in Pittsburgh, a weekly goth industrial night of 100-200 attendance.

I've made some guest appearances at other events over the years, notably Convergence in Toronto.

The largest event I've DJ'ed was a Ceremony reunion event in 2014 with attendance of 500.

I see myself as a Rock n Roll DJ not a Techno DJ, and I'm more about Vintage than Flavor of the week.

My favorite music for parties is Goth Rock, Post-Punk and Deathrock. I also know my Darkwave, Ethereal, Neofolk, classic Industrial, New Wave, Glam and Hair Metal.

I like to call my current style Partygoth. To me this means it's about having fun.

I learned on CD's and vinyl. I am currently experimenting with digital via tablet.

Most of the people I've DJ'ed with have been named Kelly, including Kelly A, Kelly B, and Kelly D.

I'm also known for my former label and mailorder shop Strange Fortune.


I'm interested in guest DJ spots. For ideas contact me at

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Michael J Salo
Brooklyn New York USA