Michael J Salo
JavaScript Engineer

Greetings, my name is Michael J Salo. I am a Front End Engineer specializing in JavaScript development. I have over 10 years industry experience.

I am currently seeking a new full time or contract role, for availability in September 2017.

I'm currently based in New York City, and open to relocation for the right opportunity.

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About Me

I've been programming for two decades, having started at an early age. I have a background in C, C++, Java, JavaScript, VB, and relational databases. I earned my B.S. at Carnegie Mellon University.

My industry experience has included Web startups and independent consulting, as well as an ecommerce business of my own.

I'm comfortable and experienced on the front end and back end of Web development. In recent years I've chosen to focus my skills on the front end. My front end experience spans desktop, mobile, and responsive Web.

For the last five years my number one specialty is JavaScript. JavaScript is my favorite language. I find it powerful and elegant to work with, and enjoy learning the ins and outs of it. As JavaScript continues to grow in importance, I expect to stay with it for a while.

I'm able and willing to work with any and all JavaScript frameworks or libraries. Lately I'm working with React and AngularJS. I also have extensive experience with jQuery and jQuery Mobile.

My strengths are fast and effective, clean and organized work, committed to best practices. I pride myself on highly readable and maintainable code. I'm allergic to bloat, confusion and mess.

I'm known for a high rate of task completion and low rate of bugs.

Complementing my development skills is a strong background in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I also bring expertise in Usability and Speed Optimization, as well as Analytics and Split Testing.

My Myers Briggs type is INTJ or Architect. According to StrengthsFinder, my top themes are Focus, Strategic, Intellection, Deliberative, and Learner.

I'm a clear communicator who works gracefully with team members, and I have a track record of making an impact on projects and creating value.

I look forward to finding the next team that will be the right fit for what I can contribute.

– Michael J Salo

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In summary, my specialties

Expert level proficiency in JavaScript
Specialist in building rock solid front ends
Fluent in desktop, mobile, and responsive web
Expertise in usability design and speed optimization
Search engine optimization and online marketing expertise

Technical skills

Front end web development

JavaScript (ECMAScript 5/6)
jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile
React, AngularJS

Back end web development

Object Oriented PHP (LAMP)
MVC frameworks including Zend Framework
CMS platforms including Wordpress
Relational database systems including MySQL
Additional languages: C, C++, Java, Perl, Rexx, VB


Search engine optimization (SEO)
Usability and speed optimization
Analytics and split testing
Shopping carts and PayPal


Audio/video editing and web encoding experience

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