Gift Idea List

Favorite colors: Shades of gray
Favorite animals: Cats and Owls
Favorite number: 7

Music: I listen to everything from classical and jazz to rock and country. Anything that's good.
Books: Interesting nonfiction. Anything in the self improvement section is likely to catch my interest.
Movies: Vincent Price, Woody Allen, 80's, fantasy, horror, Disney.

Food: Indian food, fish and seafood
Nuts: Almonds
Fruit: Raspberries
Treats: Dark chocolate
Don't eat: Dairy and sweets

Drink: Tea (green/white/herbal), Red wine
Don't drink: Coffee, soda, hard alcohol

Shirt size: Medium Slim
Pants size: 33 x 33
Shoe size: 12 extra wide

Stores I shop at:
H&M for clothes
Ikea for furniture
Amazon for books

Music making
Ghost hunting

Other interests:
Health and nutrition
Fitness but not sports
Libertarian politics
Family history and heritage

Limited space in New York City apartment. Small items fit best!

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