Gift Idea List

I created this list for family, friends or anyone looking for ideas for birthday or holiday gifts for me.

Favorite colors: Jewel tones, Shades of grey
Favorite animals: Cats and Owls
Favorite number: 7

Music: I listen to everything from classical and jazz to rock and country. Anything that's good.
Books: Interesting nonfiction. Anything in the self improvement section is likely to catch my interest.
Movies: Woody Allen, Vincent Price, 80's, fantasy, horror, Disney.
TV: I don't watch TV.
Games: I don't play many video games but like some classics such as the ones on

Food: Indian food, fish and seafood
Nuts: Almonds
Fruit: Raspberries
Treats: Dark chocolate
Don't eat: Dairy

Drink: Tea (green/white/herbal), Red wine
Don't drink: Coffee, soda, hard alcohol

Shirt size: Medium Slim
Pants size: 33 x 33
Shoe size: 12 extra wide

Stores I shop at:
Aveda for hair products
H&M for clothing
Ikea for furniture
Amazon for books etc
My Amazon wish list

Hobbies and interests:
Music listening and discovery
Music making and DJing
Health and nutrition
Fitness but not sports
Ghost hunting
Libertarian politics
Family history and heritage

Limited space in city apartment. The smaller the items the better.

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