The 10 best ethereal tracks of the 90’s

So far I’ve written about my favorite goth rock and darkwave of the 90’s.  I wanted to do one more nostalgia list.  There’s another subcategory I associate with the 90’s, and it is ethereal music.

I don’t know if people even know what ethereal is anymore, so I’ll try to define it.  It’s a kind of music that’s not for dancing or rocking out.  It’s about listening and getting lost in its painted layers of beauty.  It’s usually slow paced and has female voices.  If you hear something that sounds ‘heavenly’ you might be on the right track.

This style was defined in the 80’s, and experienced a second wave in the 90’s.  There were so many ethereal style artists at the time, and labels churning them out, that I can remember a constant flow of new releases and tours coming through town.

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The 10 best darkwave tracks of the 90’s

My first top 10 list focused on goth rock in the 90’s.  They were the kind of songs I liked to feature on my late night college radio show ‘Darkness Before Dawn.’

After a couple years of radio experience I got the opportunity to DJ at a nightclub called ‘Ceremony.’  The kind of music played in the club setting was a bit different, and my favorite tracks to spin there were what I refer to as Darkwave.

There are a few different definitions of Darkwave, but the one I go with is, goth music enhanced with electronics and dance beats.  I see it as a result of goth and industrial dance worlds merging into a combined ‘goth-industrial’ scene around this time, and the music drew from both sides of the scene.

These are my favorite tracks in this style.

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